Thursday, August 26, 2010

Playing cards fun facts

  • playing cards were found in China in the 9th century
  • they were introduced to Europe in 1300s
  • royalty on the cards represent real figures from history, i.e. the king of spades is king David, the king of clubs Alexander the Great...
  • the largest producer of playing cards is a company in Cincinnati, Ohio 
  • the four suits originated in the Middle East and were at first coins, cups, swords and sticks.
  • in poker, dead man's hand is Aces and Eights
  • former US president Richard Nixon used money he had won in poker games for funding his run for the US congress in 1946. He won.
  • during the WWII, American government collaborated with card making companies and sent specially made card decks to American war prisoners in Germany. when these cards got wet, they would peel of and the prisoners were left with intricate escape plans

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