Friday, August 27, 2010

Best online casino tips

  • claim all the deposit bonuses
  • the longer you play, casino has more chanses of winning, so quit while you are ahead
  • play European Roulette instead of its American counterpart. "00" in American Roulette gives double chance to the house, compared to European Roulette
  • when playing video poker, don't keep any cards in a hands that doesn't have payout value
  • don't take insurance bets in Blackjack, the house has more odds of winning this one, even twice more than the other bets
  • when thinking about your next move, take your time! This is one of the great advantages online casinos have, noone is rushing you to make a decision
  • best online casinos have 24/7 live help available. Even though you might not need it, it's best to play safe on this one
  • make a budget
  • stick with your decisions, budgetwise
  • when you win, put it away
  • remember that the odds don't change whether you play for real or play money
  • keep gambling an entertainment, not a way of life

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