Friday, August 27, 2010

Best blackjack tips

Blackjack is about hitting or standing. You have to remeber the value of cards you already have in ored to make that decision.

Here are some of the basic rules for deciding what to do, based on hands you might be dealt.

  • 9 and anything lower, you should always hit, you probably won't win anything with such a low hand, and taking a hit will raise the odds of winning
  • 10-16 hit if the dealer's face-up card is a 7 or higher
  • 17 and anything higher, stand. This only apllies if you do not have an ace in your hand.
  • If you do have an aceyou will need a different strategy because an Ace can be ranked as 1 or 11. this type of hand is called "soft"
  • if you do have a soft hand, and it's lesser than 19, take a hit
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Best online casino tips

  • claim all the deposit bonuses
  • the longer you play, casino has more chanses of winning, so quit while you are ahead
  • play European Roulette instead of its American counterpart. "00" in American Roulette gives double chance to the house, compared to European Roulette
  • when playing video poker, don't keep any cards in a hands that doesn't have payout value
  • don't take insurance bets in Blackjack, the house has more odds of winning this one, even twice more than the other bets
  • when thinking about your next move, take your time! This is one of the great advantages online casinos have, noone is rushing you to make a decision
  • best online casinos have 24/7 live help available. Even though you might not need it, it's best to play safe on this one
  • make a budget
  • stick with your decisions, budgetwise
  • when you win, put it away
  • remember that the odds don't change whether you play for real or play money
  • keep gambling an entertainment, not a way of life

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Playing cards fun facts

  • playing cards were found in China in the 9th century
  • they were introduced to Europe in 1300s
  • royalty on the cards represent real figures from history, i.e. the king of spades is king David, the king of clubs Alexander the Great...
  • the largest producer of playing cards is a company in Cincinnati, Ohio 
  • the four suits originated in the Middle East and were at first coins, cups, swords and sticks.
  • in poker, dead man's hand is Aces and Eights
  • former US president Richard Nixon used money he had won in poker games for funding his run for the US congress in 1946. He won.
  • during the WWII, American government collaborated with card making companies and sent specially made card decks to American war prisoners in Germany. when these cards got wet, they would peel of and the prisoners were left with intricate escape plans

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Card counting

 Popularized in the mass media as illegal, card counting is a card game strategy where a player tries to decide when they have a probability advantage over the house.

This strategy is often used in Balck Jack where players try to keep track of high cards to low cards ratio.

While using devices like iPhone (which has a card counting application) for counting, mind techniques are perfectly legal, countrary to the popular belief.

Of course, casinos are also free to try and distract players who count cards by means of staff members who talk to them and engage them in a conversation.

Card counting has a mathematical background and was invented by a mathematician Edward O. Thorp in 1962. He wrote a book called "Beat the Dealer" which dealt with Black Jack strategies.

Card counting was popularized by movies like 21. 

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Online casino tips

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Card counting is a card strategy popularized in popular cultures and media as illegal. Card counting is mainly connected with the game of Back Jack but it can be used for other card games such as bridge or spades.

Card counting is not illegal in United States, contrary to popular belief. It is true, however, that some casinos reserve the right to deny service to customers of their choice and sometimes, known card-counters are denied entrance.

Why gamble online?

  • comfort - you get to play at real casinos and win real money without having to leave your chair
  • price - again no travel expenses, no need to buy drinks and pay for lodging at some of the pricey Vegas hotels
  • variety - you can asily switch between games and casinos
  • many online casinos have a "fun mode" - you don't have to pay anything to play; of course you can't win either
  • some online casinos give out bonuses and let you play for free with a possibility of winning
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    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    Best casinos online

    This blog will offer tips on how to find the best casinos online and get hold of their top offers!

    Online gambling was never easier than today! There are many websites to chose from, but be careful! Listening to expert advice is crucial for good gambling experience and your chances of winning.

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